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Folly Beach Seasonal Averages

Spring 75°
Summer 85°
Fall 65°
Winter 55°
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Tide Average 5.78 ft
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About Folly Beach

Here you will discover the beauty and diversity of Folly Beach, SC fondly referred to by locals as the "Edge of America". From painted sunrises and sunsets, to rich history, good food and expansive beaches, provides essentials to give residents and visitors alike a new awareness of this unique and charming island town. This site is a labor of love, dedicated to a wonderful place and that we sincerely hope you are fortunate enough to visit and discover the wonder that is...

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21 SEP

The History Altering Path of Hurricane Hugo

Around midnight on September 21, 1989, a category 4 storm named Hurricane Hugo struck the Lowcountry coastline near Charleston, raging ashore with lashing rain and sustained winds of 135 miles an hour.  The Charleston peninsula barely …

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