Why should you advertise on FollyBeach.com?

When you are looking for information on something, where do you look? Would you go to Google & type in the name of the thing you are looking for information on? I think most of us would answer yes. So, when you are looking for information on Folly Beach, what do you think you’ll type in your search engine? Well, “Folly Beach”, of course! What do you think you’ll find?

Perhaps you are feeling lucky & just decide to type “FollyBeach.com” into the address bar. Again, what will you find?

That’s simple; you’ll find us, FOLLYBEACH.COM.

Our name says it all. Not only are we consistently one of the top ranked sites by Google, Yahoo, MSN & others, but we are also a “natural destination” site. People intuitively type www.follybeach.com into their web browser when looking for information about the area.

Your potential customers are coming to FollyBeach.com to find places to stay, things to do, restaurants & merchants.

You see, in the past, advertising in magazines, newspapers & the telephone book were key. Now, the phone book is becoming obsolete & magazines & newspapers are being viewed less & less. Internet advertising is on the rise & if used correctly, can significantly change the way your company reaches your audience.

What about other sites that are free, you say? You should absolutely advertise with them. That is called redundancy. You shouldn’t just advertise in one place if you have many viable, free options. You never know who might stumble upon one of those sites. But, you also cannot count on them for the kind of traffic you are looking for to grow a business. The bottom line? You have to spend money to make money. The good news? We are affordable.

Join us & place your business in front of thousands of vacationers who are already planning their next vacation to Folly Beach.