Mar 25 2013

Weather Report: March 25, 2013

It’s Spring Break time on Folly, so what weather can you expect for your visit this week? Read on to find out.

After a rainy weekend, Monday, March 25 will bring the sunshine; unfortunately the temperatures won’t match the mostly clear skies. The high will be around 56, and the low in the upper 30s. It could be breezy with gusts out of the west, northwest at 14 miles per hour.

So it might be too cold to sunbathe, but what about pulling on some more clothes and walking down to check out Folly’s view of the Morris Island Lighthouse. You won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be very similar with a high in the mid 50s and a low in the upper 30s. The chance of rain is only 10 percent. Folly boasts some fun, non-beach parks, like Pirate Cove playground on the fifth block east between Erie and Hudson, Folly River Park on Center Street, or Wave Watch where West Cooper Avenue ends. These might be good days to check out the cool non-beach spaces on Folly.

Thursday marks the beginning of a slow warm up on Folly. The sun will be out in full force, so temperatures will increase, slightly to 57 during the day and almost 40 overnight.

Partly cloudy skies will cover Folly on Friday, but temperatures will reach the mid 60s during the day with lows in the high 40s overnight. And Saturday, will be even warmer, with a high of 66 and a low of 52. With only a 10-percent chance of rain, it will be a great day for a walk on the beach or fishing from the pier.

Unfortunately the chance of rain jumps to 60-percent for Easter Sunday services and egg hunts. But temperatures should reach the upper 60s during the daytime. The chance of rain showers continues overnight, and temperatures drop to the mid-50s.



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