Tide Down Sport Fishing

We specialize in deep sea fishing for Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, and Marlin. We also offer bottom fishing trips for Snapper, Gouper, and Seabass. We also do a lot of combination trips where we till troll for part of the day and bottom fish part of the day. We cater to all types of fishermen and let the fisherman do as much or as little as they want. Many of our customers are new to offshore fishing and we make every effort to explain what we are doing throughout the day. We also have many experienced anglers which are bound to pick up a few tricks as well.

We also offer harbor cruises, sunset cruises or “just because” cruises. We provide safe, exciting and fun-filled deep sea fishing charters and cruises. While safety is our number one goal, we will make every effort to put you on the fish! We will do everything that we can to ensure you and your guest will have a great time and get the most out of your trip!

If you are looking for a great catch look no further than Tide Down Fishing! Deep sea fishing charleston sc is one of the top destinations in the United States for deep sea fishing, featuring a plethora of migrating fish species offering year-round access to some of the finest fish species like dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, marlin, and tuna.

Located in Ripley Light Marina, Charleston, our Tide Down Sport Fishing charter service is able to offer the ultimate sport fishing experience on board our 50 foot Alex Willis custom Carolina  boat which is equipped with a quality selection of amenities like an air-conditioned cabin, 3 bunks, refrigerator, microwave, and seating on the bridge with a 360° view.

Aboard the offshore fishing excursions from our home port in the historic downtown Charleston, angling parties are likely to experience a truly memorable trip which might see Tide Down Fishing venture out 30 to 60 miles offshore dependent on the type of trip, fish being targeted, and season. With a fully guided deep sea fishing excursion, angling parties are likely to experience catching the fish of a lifetime. Whether looking for your first offshore fish, a trophy to add to your collection or even that first billfish, we are here to make your dreams come true in the beautiful offshore waters of Charleston.

Fish species offshore consist of the snapper, grouper, sheepshead, sharks, barracuda, blackfin tuna, amberjack, cobia, king mackerel, dolphin, sailfish, and marlin. We offer half, three-quarter and full day trips with the ability to accommodate up to six fishermen. Our personalized service provides new experiences and techniques to for everyone from beginners or the most experienced anglers.

In order to comply with the fisheries regulations in place for the bottom fishing, you might find that a catch and release policy is in place for the snapper and grouper fish – although this is dependent on the season and time of year.

If you are really looking for a productive and fun trip deep sea fishing Charleston sc, you might want to look up the well-stocked Tide Down Sport Fishing charter service for a truly memorable time and experience. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience on the waters of Charleston, you might well enjoy a sunset cruise which consists of a pleasant trip around the beautiful Charleston Harbor

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