Sep 08 2010

September Nature Guide Report

Charleston waterways are reaching their peak temperatures and the estuaries surrounding Folly Beach are teeming with wildlife. As the algae blooms move in with the warm water, jelly fish follow to consume them. They are seen on and around the beaches as well as floating serenely with the tidal flows. However, swim with caution because these passive creatures have tentacles with a painful sting.

Loggerhead sea turtles continue to migrate into the estuaries between their egg-laying cycles on the beaches. Wading birds and other sea birds such as tri-colored herons, snowy egrets, and royal terns can be spotted on the mud banks lining Folly Creek feeding on the shrimp and finger mullet.

The finger mullet have begun spawning and are migrating in massive schools into the local waterways. This has brought an increase in activity from the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. The large schools of mullet are easy prey for the dolphins to exercise their unique feeding habit, strand feeding. They’ve been spotted rounding up the schools of fish beside the low-sloping mud banks and forcing them up on the shore. The dolphins follow their prey onto the bank and beach themselves to devour a hearty meal.

Joe Lotts

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