Sep 04 2013

September Fishing Report

What a pleasant change – August, while full of sun, had seasonally cooler weather instead of blazing heat. Lower temperatures translated into better fishing, even in the afternoon. The August trout bite was one of the best in recent memory. As the water temperature begins to trend lower, expect fishing to improve further as fish eagerly chase the abundance of bait in our waters.

Redfish are happily eating artificial plastic lures, especially those that mimic the glass minnows so abundant in our waters. Zman’s 3 ¾” streakz in smokey shad is an excellent choice. I pair this lure with a 1/8oz. jighead. Make sure to vary your rate of retrieve as you work a spot. Sometimes just slowing down or speeding up your retrieve can make the bite come to life.

Trout and popping corks remain a perfect pair. We are finding trout feeding more aggressively and in greater numbers. Even better, we’re starting to catch multiple fish in the three pound range along with the abundance of smaller fish. I’ve been using mud minnows as bait almost exclusively as shrimp just get shredded by bait stealers. We’ll often throw artificial shrimp instead and you’ll be surprised how well this works.

Shark fishing will likely end this month as the water temperatures drop. But for the time being, the bonnethead bite has been red hot. Blue crab and menhaden work very well rigged on bigger circle hooks in sizes 5/0 – 7/0. Sharks are true crowd pleasers for kids and you’ll be sure to make their day if you catch a few.

With the advent of Fall, water clarity should begin to improve which is always a boon to fly fishermen.  However, some waters do remain murky. To help improve our odds, we have been using dark flies or flies with lots of flash that the redfish can see easier. A black wiggler or a gold spoon fly are both good options. See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 

Bob Hart Author

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