Parking In Folly Beach, SC

Parking on Folly

If you’re driving on Folly, then you need to know the parking rules. The Department of Public Safety has very specific rules when it comes to parking, so read on (and maybe take careful notes) to make sure you don’t get a ticket.

There is public parking in the lots at the beach access points in most city blocks. Parking in these lots costs $7 per day, which can be paid in the designated box. If you’re headed to the Washout, look for parking meters along the beach side of the street. Folly Beach County Park will have parking available when it reopens, which could be as early as summer of 2013.

Parking is free on the street, if you can find a spot, but here’s what you need to know:

First, all four tires must be completely off the street. There aren’t exceptions to this rule, so check that you car is completely off the road before locking it. Your car should be parallel parked with the flow of traffic. So don’t park facing traffic or on the opposite side of the street. And unless there’s a sign that says you can, don’t park diagonally.

Next, parking on crosswalks, sidewalks, or blocking driveways is prohibited. This includes public buildings and private homes. Plus, it’s not okay to park in a private driveway just because it looks like no one’s home.

Like on the mainland, don’t park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. And don’t take a designated handicapped space unless you have the proper stickers or license tag.

The dunes and revetments are both there to protect and maintain the beach. Parking isn’t allowed on either.

Walking and biking is always encouraged on Folly, since parking spaces are limited. But if you have to drive, then following these rules will make your beach time ticket free.