Oct 03 2011

October Fishing Report

Cool days and lower water temperatures are setting our fishery on fire! Redfish and trout know they need to eat heartily now or go hungry over the winter. Fortunately, our waters are teeming with shrimp and mullet encouraging these fish to strap the feedbags on. If you have put fishing on hold for the rest of the year, get your tackle out and hit the water – you won’t regret it!

Redfish have begun to start schooling up as usual during this time of year. It has made for some fantastic fishing on the flats. On several charters, we’ve watched packs of redfish with their backs out of the water rushing up and down the banks chasing bait. Sometimes, the action has been so frenzied that birds will hover overhead picking up the scraps. Water clarity has been mixed so we’ve been casting darker artificial lures at these schools. Black with gold flakes has been a particularly productive color.

For trout, artificial paddle tail lures have begun to really produce. We fish them on a 1/4oz. jighead and vary the rate of retrieve. Again, we’ve been staying with darker bodies and Bass Assasain’s Chicken On A Chain or D.O.A.’s Fiji Chicken both work well. To make that jighead even more attractive, try putting a piece of shrimp on the hook. You can use pieces of live or frozen shrimp and it will put a scent trail on your lure that is hard to resist.

At the end of September, we had some massive tailing tides with high tides over seven feet. It made for a great opportunity for fly fishermen to stalk redfish up in the grass. The standard spoon fly with a good weed guard worked best. Watching redfish explode in a foot of water when they eat your fly is downright heart stopping. It can take lots of casts to get just one fish but it is worth the effort. Note that we have another series of big tides at the end of October.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 

Bob Hart Author

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