Oct 31 2012

November Fishing Report

In spite of windy conditions, fishing in October was quite good and anglers can expect fishing to improve in November. Chilly mornings and falling water temperatures remind redfish and trout that it is time to eat right now before Winter arrives. With little live bait left in the water, artificial lures will really produce. Take some time over Thanksgiving and make the most of what our fishery offers.

True to form, redfish have begun to form large schools that will only increase in size. Redfish school up for protection from dolphins who unlike the redfish do not become sluggish with the cooler weather. Casting to pods of 50-100 redfish can be exhilarating and even make your knees tremble on the bow. We have been having best success with smaller jerk shad artificial lures rigged on 1/8oz. jigheads.

For trout, the same rig of an artificial lure on a jighead is also working very well. You will find trout in pockets and when you catch one there will likely be plenty of others in the immediate area. Lures in darker hues of blue and gray are performing the best. Remember to move your lure slowly as the fish are moving slowly as well. I like to bounce the jighead off the bottom and wait until I feel the resistance of a striking fish.

With the set of high tides two weeks ago, fly fishermen probably saw the last of the true tailing tides for the year. The focus now turns to those large schools of redfish on the flats at low tide. With its soft presentation, a flyrod can often outperform traditional tackle when casting to spooky fish. Darker flies are working best although don’t be afraid to throw some copper flies with lots of flash.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 

Bob Hart Author

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