Jan 11 2016

New Parking Garage in Folly Beach?

Four different groups have contacted Folly’s Mayor Tim Goodwin regarding investing in a visitor parking garage. One of them, Structured Parking Solutions, has contacted the mayors in Isle of Palms, Folly and Sullivan’s Island for possible interest.

Tim explains the city is more than willing to discuss the issue if the company is willing to return with a plan but explains they never come back with anything to follow through.

There is nothing set in stone yet for Folly or Isle of Palms. The company’s Business Development Director, Greg Darden, said a partnership with the city makes a better long term investment.

“We provided information to those cities and we will continue to have discussions and provide information and see where it takes us,” he said.

50 ft is the height building requirement that is restricted due to code. This code would need to be enforced in order for the parking garage to be put in place.

This may help with the parking ticket issue where 1 million dollars in unpaid tickets have been sent to a collection agency.

In Folly’s commercial district the pay parking lots have shown upward growth in the area.  There has been discussion whether these dirt lots located adjacent to Center Street should be regulated regarding maintenance and landscaping.

These decisions which are updated every 5 years would need to be approved by city council.

Bob Hart Author

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