Magnolia Plantation and its Gardens

Beauty, enchantment, romance, history and grace….you’ll find all this at Magnolia Plantation. Its rich history and charm have transcended through the generations for all to share. Founded in 1676, Magnolia Plantation has been a landmark in Charleston, South Carolina for over 300 years.

It’s just a short drive from town, but in a world all its own. The tranquil beauty of Magnolia Plantation draws you back to centuries past. An avenue of oaks gives way to a broad expanse of lawn. The stately plantation house rests on ancestral grounds at the edge of the Ashley River. Ancient paths meander through gardens with year-round color. The bows of three hundred-year-old trees drip with Spanish moss, and bend low to mirroring waters. The famous “long white bridge” rises serenely over Cypress Pond. The egret and ibis share nesting grounds with wood ducks and herons.

We highly recommend that Magnolia Plantation be on your list of sites to see.

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