Jun 05 2010

June Nature Guide Report

The start of the summer season has been extraordinary for wildlife sightings on Charleston waterways. As the cool air blows away from spring, water warms rapidly and all species of wildlife are on display for another wonderful season at Folly Beach.

Water temperatures are now in the lower 80’s which means waters are full of activity, from Plankton to Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. The season change brings mating season for most wildlife species in the area. Pods of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin have been seen daily with females running together in large pods with their young. Male Dolphin enter a solitary state as they are competing for all prospecting females around.

If you’re seeing large amounts of jellyfish washing up on the beach, don’t be alarmed. Most of the jellyfish washing up are known as cannonball jellyfish, which is a great food source for the female Loggerhead Sea Turtles that are now coming ashore to nest and lay eggs. Throughout the spring and into mid-summer female sea turtles will come ashore at night to dig nest and lay eggs. This process will repeat an incredible three times before returning to sea.

Guided tours have been extraordinarily good and full of adventure so far this season. In addition to increased activity due to mating season, we have seen a shift in the birding patterns from strong feeding to nesting in protected coastal nurseries. Brown Pelican, Royal Terns, Black Skimmers and other waterfowl are now nesting up in the estuary in preparation for the birth of their young offspring, which should be arriving in the next month.

Hope to see you all on the water soon!

Joe Lotts

Charleston Outdoor Adventures





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