Jun 05 2012

June Fishing Report

What an exciting time to be fishing! With our waters now loaded with bait, the fish have strapped the feedbags on and are eating aggressively. All the summer seasonal species have arrived and when combined with our regular gamefish, provide a whole host of options for an angler. If your fishing season hasn’t yet begun, there’s no better time to start.

Redfish are attacking artificial lures. Jerk shad lures rigged on flutter hooks are my go to option. These artificial lures, usually 4″-5″ in length, imitate small baitfish. Flutter hooks have a weight on their shank that let you cast a far distance and also put motion on the lure. I use flutter hooks in size 3/0 with a 1/8oz. weight.  Make sure to cast to the edges of the schools, if you cast right into the middle you stand a good chance of spooking them.

With water temperatures so warm, our trout bite continues to improve. The preferred rig of live bait under a popping cork is hard to beat. Live shrimp is now available and will give you another option than mud minnows. It’s a good idea to start carrying your cast net and see if you can find some finger mullet. Finger mullet under a cork is just deadly.

Anglers targeting flounder have been reporting good numbers being caught. Try fishing finger mullet along the bottom around structures. Move the bait slowly and when you think you have a bite wait a few seconds (if you can) before setting the hook. We’ve been picking up quite a few flounder with mud minnows under a popping cork as well.

My favorite summer time fish is the ladyfish. With such warm weather, there are more ladyfish present than in any season I can recall. These dynamic fish will smack shrimp under a popping cork and make your drag zing. Their acrobatic jumps and hard runs make these fish so entertaining. Look for them in some of the same spots that you find trout.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 

Bob Hart Author

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