Jul 26 2010

July Nature Guide Report

As the summer season rolls along wildlife sightings in the Charleston waterways has certainly picked up.  Rising water temperatures up to the lower 90s brings increased activity from a variety of species.

Shrimp are growing rapidly, now seen running across the surface alongside mud banks and winding creeks.  Many animals are feeding on shrimp including small sand sharks, sting rays and the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.  Unique to a very small stretch of South Carolina coast, dolphin use a unique feeding technique called “strand feeding” offering sightings on the slippery mud banks.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles have also been spotted in our local waterways. The female loggerheads lay their eggs under the sand on the beach in cycles and in between, retreat to the calm estuaries.  Their large heads pop out of the water to get some air and check out a few local kayakers.

A large variety of birds are seen feeding along the shores including Great White Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Herons, Black Skimmers, Ospreys, and even the endangered American Wood Stork. The Wood Stork migrates from South America during their winter season to the Southeast and is here for the summer.

Manatees have been sighted once again!  During this time of year when the water temperatures reach their climax, Manatees migrate up from the south to new feeding grounds.  Most sightings occur in and around the Charleston Harbor where there are lots of fresh water sources.

Joe Lotts

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