Jul 08 2011

July Fishing Report

Fishing has been great as a result of the ample amount of bait teeming in our waters. The feeding switch has definitely been turned on. With the summer seasonal species now all present, there are no shortage of fish to target or ways to fish for them. In general, fishing has been best in the morning with its cooler temperatures.

Redfish especially have been making short work of any well placed bait. Make sure to bring your cast net along and catch some menhaden or finger mullet. We’ve been having the most success around docks or other structures while fishing live baits on a carolina rig. Make sure to use a heavy enough weight to hold the bait stationary, otherwise your rig will tumble along the bottom until it snags.

Trout have really reemerged over the last few weeks. It’s great to see that the trout stock was not hurt too badly by our cold winter. Anglers should stick with one of the tried and true methods for catching trout: the popping cork. A live shrimp or mud minnow is a hard treat to refuse when it comes floating by right in a trout’s strike zone. Make sure to lift your cork high and hard enough so it makes that clacking sound.

Anglers targeting flounder have been reporting good numbers being caught. Try fishing finger mullet along the bottom around structures. Move the bait slowly and when you think you have a bite wait a few seconds (if you can) before setting the hook. We’ve been picking up quite a few flounder with mud minnows under a popping cork as well.

All of our seasonal species can be caught using the tactics listed above. My favorite summer time fish is the ladyfish. These dynamic fish will smack shrimp under a popping cork and make your drag zing. Their acrobatic jumps and hard runs make these fish so entertaining. Look for them in some of the same spots that you find trout.

Fly fishing has been quite good. While we have been seeing the most numbers of redfish when on the flats at low tide, they have been eating the best while in the grass. The copperhead fly, a local favorite, has been producing consistently. Make sure that your flies have a good weed guard so you don’t get hung up all the time.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters.


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