Jul 03 2012

July Fishing Report

Is there a better time of year to be fishing? Anglers have many different species to target and many different ways to fish for them!  There’s just no way you won’t find something exciting to do on the water. As it becomes progressively hotter, anglers will increasingly want to fish early before the heat of the day arrives.

There have been some very low tides over the past few weeks and July will have its fair share too. We’ve been focused on docks where the redfish become concentrated as the water drains out around them. Using a carolina rig, we’ve been fishing with finger mullet, menhaden and cracked blue crab. Make sure to use a heavy enough weight to hold the bait stationary, otherwise your rig will tumble along the bottom until it snags. Our biggest redfish, fish weighing in the teens, have mostly come from using these tactics.

Not much has changed when focusing on trout. The popping cork remains the way to go. Fish these corks over shell rakes, in front of creeks mouths and along grassy banks. Look for places trout can sit and ambush prey. Live shrimp and mud minnows are very effective but sometimes bait stealers and snapper bluefish make short work of them. When this happens, I’ll switch over to a DOA 3″ shrimp in their glow/gold rush color.

Sharks are pervasive in our waters and best of all eager eaters. You can use the same carolina rigs mentioned above for these creatures. Cracked blue crab and shrimp are great for bait but if you can put out chunks of fresh cut ladyfish, you’ll really be in business. Look to fish drop-offs where there is a sharp change in water depth. Don’t forget this is a great way to introduce younger fishermen to the sport.

While fly fishing, we’ve been seeing excellent tailing action from redfish in the grass. This hasn’t been just an evening tailing tide phenomenon either.  There have been plenty of sightings during morning high tides as well. Spoon flies with a good weed guard have been the way to go. There have been some real heart pounding moments watching redfish follow our fly and the ensuing explosive strikes!

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters.

Bob Hart Author

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