Apr 07 2015

Full Moon Fever on Folly!

Folly Beach shone under the light of the full moon on Saturday night. As the waves rolled in, moonlight glistened and danced on the ripples. It was almost as if light and waves joined in unison, dancing to a song that only they could hear. Meanwhile, revelers joyously celebrated the night with Full Moon Fever, an event enjoying its 3rd year, with LED lights brightening the shoreline.

Children ran down the beach wearing LED bracelets and necklaces while waving “light sabers”. aka light sticks, in playful fights. A drum circle broke out, and island beats enhanced the nearly spiritual feeling of those in attendance. The night sky was clear for this year’s event, and moonbeams smiled down upon the crowd. Hula girls hips swayed, matching beat for beat with the drums, with their brightly colored hula hoops circling with a mesmerizing glow.

The event was arranged by Family Flow Arts, a company focusing on bringing creativity to the hula world. The owner, a family of flow artists, created the company after spending many an hour trying to keep four children busy. A family of six can be quite taxing, so they spent their time and energy creating what is now fondly known as the polyethelene tubes of which we are now so familiar. Colorfully displaying an array of beautiful designs, the hula hoops are a joy to watch as well as to use.

Hula hooping as a sport is one thing, but hooping as an art form is quite another. During the Full Moon Fever on Folly event, people were engrossed in both. The event, at the very least, will tempt you and tease you, and at the very least, it will make you wish you were a kid again. Learn more about Family Flow Arts at familyflowarts.net and plan to attend this Folly Favorite next year.




Bob Hart Author

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