May 29 2011

From Charity Work to Acting, The Queen of Folly Beach Does it All

Charity work, serving the town, studying for exams, and acting in a big-budget Hollywood film are just all in a day’s work for Lindsey Lambrakos, the Queen of Folly Beach.

A clip featuring Lambrakos in "The Conspirator"

This Clemson student spent a few days earlier this year in Savannah filming the Robert Redford period piece “The Conspirator” which is all about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and other political officials during that time period.

Lambrakos played Fanny Seward in the film who in real life was the daughter of United States Senator William H. Seward. During the political upheaval surrounding the assassination of

Abraham Lincoln, an attempt was made on the life of William H. Seward and Fanny thwarted the would-be assassins by throwing her body over her ailing father and screaming for help.

In the film, Lambrakos acts out this dramatic scene and although it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds, it was enough to make her mother, local author

Lambrakos as Fanny Seward

Andrea Weathers, almost jumps out of her chair in the movie theater.

Both Weathers and Lambrakos went to Savannah for the filming of the movie. To prepare for the role, Lambrakos – who is a blonde – had to have her hair dyed blonde and bushy eyebrows drawn on seeing as women in the late 1800s didn’t spend much time plucking and waxing their brows like they do today.

Lambrakos also donned period clothing that included a corset, lace up shoes, petticoat, and old fashioned blouse and jacket, and jewelry. While at first it was fun to dress up, Lambrakos said after almost 20 hours of wearing the restrictive clothing she was ready to get out of them.

But for that small discomfort, Lambrakos said it was a thrill to work on the film.

“Working with Robert Redford was amazing,” she said. “He is like a living legend and to be directed by him was a great learning experience.”

Lambrakos has appeared as an extra in episodes of “Army Wives” and in a few commercials. She said she has no plans to make the Hollywood life into a career, but has a great time when she does take time out from her busy life to do some acting.

“It’s so exciting to see myself on screen,” she said. “When I saw the movie, I had two friends on either side of me and we were screaming during my scene.”



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