JUN 21 2013

Beach Bag Must-Haves

The beach is calling to you. You’ve booked your Folly getaway, and you’re ready for the surf, the sand, the perfection. But what do you really need in your beach bag? What are the must haves for a day on Folly’s beaches? Read on! Start With the Obvious. Pack a chair or towel for sitting  … Continue reading Beach Bag Must-Haves

JUN 16 2013

Hurricane Ready on Folly Beach

Despite Hurricane Season officially starting June 1, no one on Folly really expects a storm this early in year. But after Tropical Storm Andrea blew through and soaked the island on June 7, hurricane preparation is at the front of everyone’s mind (or it should be).   Here’s what you need to be prepared for a … Continue reading Hurricane Ready on Folly Beach

JUN 01 2013

Folly Beach County Park Construction Update

Wondering when Folly Beach County Park will reopen to the public? You’re not alone. The popular beach park has been closed since Hurricane Irene in 2011. Continuing erosion has kept the park close since. But here’s the good news: crews are currently working on the Folly Beach County Park Shore Stabilization Project, which will add … Continue reading Folly Beach County Park Construction Update

MAY 18 2013

Learning to Surf, the Folly Way

Surfing is a big part of Folly’s personality and culture, and the waves on Folly are some of the best on the East Coast. So why not take a lesson and learn the perfect way to pop up and catch a wave. Three companies offer surfing lessons on Folly to any surfer, no matter their … Continue reading Learning to Surf, the Folly Way

MAY 08 2013

Community Comes First for the Folly Beach Public Safety Department

“Protecting Paradise,” is the motto of the Folly Beach Public Safety Department, and it’s a motto that Chief Dennis Brown, the department’s director, takes very seriously. “We live in paradise,” Brown says, “and it’s our responsibility to keep it that way.” Chief Brown heads up the city’s largest department, which includes police, fire, animal, parking, … Continue reading Community Comes First for the Folly Beach Public Safety Department

APR 10 2013

Watching the Sea Turtles

Loggerhead sea turtles always return to the same beach where they were born to lay their own eggs, and Folly Beach is a favorite nesting ground. The nesting season will begin next month, so here is some information about the turtles who return to Folly so often. Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) are known to … Continue reading Watching the Sea Turtles

MAR 17 2013

Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

A Folly Beach vacation is calling your name. But the question is, how do you find the perfect rental for you and your family? Here are some tips and hacks to put to good use the next time your shopping for a rental on the island. Vacation homes on Folly are listed in many different … Continue reading Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

MAR 10 2013

Spring Happenings on Folly

The water and air are warming. The sun shines down from blue skies. And visitors are starting to trickle back onto Folly Beach after a long winter. With the start of Spring come lots of fun Folly events that celebrate the time of year and the start of summer. Brush off your luck of the … Continue reading Spring Happenings on Folly

JAN 17 2013

Folly Beach is Handicap Accessible

It might not be something you think about all that much, but visiting the beach with a disability can pose certain challenges. Moving through the sand, getting to the beach, finding a hotel or rental that meets accessibility needs are all concerns. Folly Beach has services, amenities, and lodging to support the mobility impaired visitors … Continue reading Folly Beach is Handicap Accessible

DEC 29 2012

No One Does New Years Like Folly

On New Year’s Eve there are glittering balls in Times Square. There are parades and galas with sequins, tuxedos, and champagne. But no one does New Year’s quite like Folly. The tradition continues this year, and at midnight a giant pair of lit-up flip-flops will drop at the stroke of midnight. New Years Eve 2011 … Continue reading No One Does New Years Like Folly

DEC 03 2012

Tis the Season for Folly’s Christmas Parade

Folly Christmas Parade Folly is a jolly good place to be during the holidays, and a big part of the reason is because it tis’ the season for the annual Folly Beach Christmas Parade.  Held the second Saturday in December each year, this festive tradition features plenty of beautifully-crafted and unique float designs, and of … Continue reading Tis the Season for Folly’s Christmas Parade

OCT 22 2012

More to Surfing Folly Than the Washout

On the East Coast, surfing doesn’t get any better than Folly Beach. And the Washout is the best-known surfing destination on the Edge of America. The strip of land on the neck of the island was nicknamed the Washout after Hurricane Hugo flattened the beach, road, houses, and land. The way the wind blows without … Continue reading More to Surfing Folly Than the Washout

SEP 27 2012

Floating Fun on the Folly River

Is your Saturday in need of some excitement, Folly style? The 2012 Folly Float Frenzy might be right up your alley . . . er . . . waterway. The annual event encourages entrants to build their own floating rafts out of any materials. But the makeshift floats must hold at least three riders and … Continue reading Floating Fun on the Folly River

SEP 25 2012

Folly Boat is an Icon on the Edge of America

One day it’s a wedding announcement, the next it promotes a non-profit with a simple web address, and the next day it is an elaborate work of art. Dubbed the “unofficial ambassador to Folly Beach” by the web site that bears it’s name, the Folly Boat welcomes everyone to the Edge of America. During 1989’s … Continue reading Folly Boat is an Icon on the Edge of America

AUG 11 2012

Playing with Pirates

Pirates. Playgrounds. Folly Beach. What a perfect combination! And you can see it all at Tim Goodwin’s Pirate Cove Playground. The woodchip-lined play space has a tire swing, monkey bars, slides, tunnels, and murals, all illustrating Charleston’s ocean heritage and rich pirate history. Pirate’s Cove Playground was built 2007 just below the Folly Beach water … Continue reading Playing with Pirates