NOV 25 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 11/24/09

Like the holiday season, fishing is now in full swing. Anglers are reporting days replete with dozens of trout and large redfish. Water temperatures are still plenty warm to accommodate great fishing. A day on the water could be an exciting way to show relatives and guests a slice of the Lowcountry.

NOV 09 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 11/09/09

November is one of the best months of the year to fish. Temperatures are pleasant and the fish are eager. There is great fishing in the waters that surround Folly Beach and your time will certainly be rewarded.

OCT 27 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 10/23/09

The Fall trout bite is now in full swing! The recent cooler weather has really turned the fishing on. Even a short fishing trip will be well worth your time.

OCT 21 2009

The Charleston Fishing Charter Winner

Congratulations to Lisa Kae Van Meter Perry. She was the lucky winner of our Charleston Fishing Charter Giveaway! We would like to to thank all the people who took time to enter. The response to the contest was more than expected with more entries than any other contest we have held. The next giveaway is right around the corner so stay tuned!

OCT 16 2009

Charleston Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Legare Farms welcomes everyone to their annual “Amazin’ Maze in Maize” and Pumpkin Patch, to be held October 3rd until October 31st. The maze is packed with family oriented activities and they can’t wait to see you at their farm! Please come out to Johns Island and visit a family owned and operated, working farm.

OCT 10 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 10/05/09

With the arrival of October, what many consider to be the best time of year to fish in the Lowcountry begins! Trout especially will become increasingly active with the cooler temperatures while both trout and redfish will continue to gorge themselves on the ample amount of available bait.

SEP 23 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 9/23/09

The shrimp are here! The waters are teeming with them and not surprisingly the fish are happily feeding on them. Expect fishing to continue to improve with the combination of this influx of bait and cooling weather. A few throws of the cast net can provide all the shrimp you need.

SEP 18 2009

Queen of Folly Beach Named

The Queen of Folly Beach is…Kimberly Childers. She is joined by Teen Queen Courtney Ballenger!

SEP 10 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 09/09/09

Fall has arrived and as temperatures become more hospitable you can also expect the fishing to improve! With the start of school and the end of the summer vacation season, the number of anglers on the water drops noticeably and leaves much more water open for those of us who continue fishing.

SEP 07 2009

Labor Day Weekend on Folly

Ahhhh…one last break to relax on Folly. Some of us were taking a much needed break after starting back to school, while others just enjoyed the extra day off work to soak up some sun before it cools off. Regardless of how you ended up here, it is one of the last times we will see all of you together until next year.

AUG 24 2009

Folly Beach Fishing Report 08/21/09

Fishing around Folly Beach has been quite solid so far this month and as shrimp continue to fill our creeks and rivers expect it to improve.

JUL 31 2009

Learn to Surf The Edge

Looking to do something fun and exciting while on Folly? Why not learn to surf? For many it is unfamiliar territory. I must admit my first thoughts are that I’m too old and my kids are too young. How do you even get started? Well, we now have the answer.

JUL 11 2009

Queen of Folly Beach

The search is on for the next Queen and Teen Queen of Folly Beach, which will join contestants from Edisto Beach on September 12th for this year’s exciting pageant. Ladies between the ages of 13 and 30 are invited to compete for the chance to represent Folly Beach as their very own royalty and ambassador.

JUL 09 2009

Folly Fourth of July Fireworks Show

This outstanding video was provided by Chris Scatliff, a local resident and great fan of Folly Beach. Your comments are welcome, so please join me in thanking Chris for his contribution.

JUL 06 2009

Folly on the 4th

Every July 4th has been great for me and for most on Folly Beach, but this one topped the charts. The weather could not have been better and the fireworks display really topped off a great time on the beach. It will go down as one of our best times as a family and I know many of you would agree if you were fortunate enough to be here. Even if you weren’t, chances are you have similar memories from years past. If you were here I would love to hear stories and see pictures. Post here, and as always, email your pictures to be posted on the site.