JUL 06 2009

Folly on the 4th

Every July 4th has been great for me and for most on Folly Beach, but this one topped the charts. The weather could not have been better and the fireworks display really topped off a great time on the beach. It will go down as one of our best times as a family and I know many of you would agree if you were fortunate enough to be here. Even if you weren’t, chances are you have similar memories from years past. If you were here I would love to hear stories and see pictures. Post here, and as always, email robert@follybeach.com your pictures to be posted on the site.

JAN 18 2009

Folly Fishing Pier

The Folly Beach Edwin S. Taylor Pier is the centerpiece of Folly Beach. By name alone that would not be considered an exciting fact to new visitors. Perhaps that’s because “fishing pier” does not completely define it.