AUG 03 2012

Holding Hands on Folly Against Offshore Drilling

If you want to participate locally in a global movement to stand against offshore drilling and protect our coastal economies, marine wildlife and fisheries, then you might want to consider Hands Across the Sand, an annual springtime event that unites people of all ages and affiliations in the fight for our oceans.  The mission of … Continue reading Holding Hands on Folly Against Offshore Drilling

JUL 29 2012

Folly Beach Entertainment Scene is Alive and Well

The entertainment scene on Folly Beach is alive and well thanks to a dedicated group of locals and visitors who are passionate about original music. There is a growing list of artists and bands around the country who wish to play on the Edge of America. “Because of Folly Beach’s reputation and relaxed vibe, bands … Continue reading Folly Beach Entertainment Scene is Alive and Well

JUL 02 2012

Folly on the 4th

Folly Beach is the place to be on July 4, 2012. The beach is great of course but there are two events that make this a unique time for us. To start, Folly Beach visitors will once again enjoy something few others will…a shoreline flyover provided by the United States Air Force. The 79th Fighter … Continue reading Folly on the 4th

NOV 30 2011

A Festival of Lights on the Water: The Charleston Holiday Boat Parade

Ever watched or joined in a Christmas parade held entirely on the water? Santa’s ditching the sleigh and trading it in for a watercraft during the annual Charleston Holiday Boat Parade, a unique Lowcountry holiday tradition featuring a display of lighted and festive boats celebrating the season. Vessels of all sizes and styles will be … Continue reading A Festival of Lights on the Water: The Charleston Holiday Boat Parade

AUG 15 2011

Charleston Outdoor Ceremonies

Pamela DeWitt has the happiest job in the world. She’s not a chocolate taster or roller coaster tester, she’s a wedding officiant. After living in Maine for 25 years, DeWitt wanted to escape the icy weather. “I wanted to be along the coast and near the water so I chose Charleston,” she said. Her friend … Continue reading Charleston Outdoor Ceremonies

JUN 28 2011

Wahine Classic

Surf’s up on Folly Beach for the annual Wahine Classic, a fun, family-friendly and empowering weekend of surfing competition for girls of all ages that raises money and awareness for great nonprofit causes.  Founded in 2001 by Katie Coryell and Kelly Kane Wood, The Wahine Classic at The Washout is the first all-women’s surf contest … Continue reading Wahine Classic

JUN 14 2011

The Best Outdoor Eateries on Folly

 Snapper Jacks- Snapper Jacks boasts an upstairs deck where you can glimpse spectacular views of Folly. Indulge in some fresh seafood and for the adults perhaps a beer or cocktail (the fish bowl if you’re feeling adventurous and have no plans the following day) while enjoying great beach vistas. Loggerhead’s Beach Grill- Loggerhead’s Beach Grill … Continue reading The Best Outdoor Eateries on Folly

JUN 08 2011

Manatee Visit the Folly River

Warm weather greeted Folly Beach the morning of April 30th as I headed down to the marina to prepare for the day. “A manatee passed through here about an hour ago-a big one” dockmaster Kurt Howard told me as I walked up to the dockhouse. Seems too early in the year, I think. Late April’s … Continue reading Manatee Visit the Folly River

MAY 10 2011

Dogs on Folly

There’s nothing like going down to the beach, sniffing a washed up sea creature, rolling around in the sand warmed by the sun, and then running crazily into the ocean to meet a wave head first. At least that’s how it is for dogs. The beach is like Disneyland for dogs. It’s full of different … Continue reading Dogs on Folly

APR 18 2011

Folly’s Turtles

Every summer thousands of families make their way to Folly Beach for fun-filled days on the beach. But when the lights go down and the waves crash on the empty beach, the Loggerhead turtles make their way out of the depths of the ocean to lay their eggs in the sand. Every once in awhile, … Continue reading Folly’s Turtles

APR 12 2011

Folly Beach Weddings

Folly Beach has it all; sandy beaches, luxurious homes and condos, bars, restaurants, shopping, and more, all of which make it the perfect location for the wedding of your dreams. The town of Folly Beach makes it easy for couples to tie the knot on the beach. Marriage licenses need to be obtained from the … Continue reading Folly Beach Weddings

MAR 19 2011

Are There Sharks Here?

“Are there any sharks here?”.  I hear this question often from pre-teens, and increasingly as summer swimming season approaches. Yes:  sharks swim here everywhere.  And sharks have been swimming here for a very, very long time.  Sharks came into existence some 400 million years ago during the Devonian period, almost 200 million years before the … Continue reading Are There Sharks Here?

NOV 30 2010

Morris Island Lighthouse

What was once a beacon to ships out to sea now juts out of the Atlantic Ocean as a reminder of days gone by. The Morris Island Lighthouse, a defunct lighthouse just north of Folly Beach on Morris Island at the entrance of the Charleston Harbor, stands just a few hundred feet off the coast. … Continue reading Morris Island Lighthouse

OCT 19 2010


Come on out for Follypalooza this Saturday October 23rd from 11am-6pm and enjoy great food, live entertainment and family-friendly events. Let the kids go nuts over carnival games, a jump castle, dunk tank, face painting booth and more. Folly restaurants will setup to feed your craving, and with Center Street closed from 11am-6pm, feel free … Continue reading Follypalooza

SEP 12 2010

Best of Folly Beach

Welcome to the Best of Folly Beach 2010 The Best of Folly Beach is a democratic accounting of what we like most about the Edge of America – the things that make it special for us. With this year’s Best of Folly Beach you have the right to cast your ballot here as we release … Continue reading Best of Folly Beach