NOV 19 2019

Folly Restaurants and Bars Open on Thanksgiving Day 

In the event that you are visiting Folly over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we have compiled a list of restaurants and bars that will be open in some capacity on Turkey Day. We have also indicated which places will be serving some form of Thanksgiving-style fare. Rita’s Seaside Grille Rita’s Seaside Grille will be serving … Continue reading Folly Restaurants and Bars Open on Thanksgiving Day 

NOV 18 2019

Best Places to Watch Sports on Folly

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to forego seeing your favorite sports team or athlete play. Whether you’re a fan of football, hoops, baseball, hockey, NASCAR or soccer, Folly offers an array of options to catch your live sporting event of choice. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the best … Continue reading Best Places to Watch Sports on Folly

NOV 11 2019

Fishing the Folly River

The best part about fishing on Folly Beach is that it is a great activity that you can engage in year-round. Whether you decide to go it on your own or join a private fishing charter, you can expect to catch several different local species, including red drum/redfish/spot tail bass, black drum, spotted sea trout, … Continue reading Fishing the Folly River

NOV 06 2019

8 Reasons to Stay on Folly Beach for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe the holidays are even close, but you won’t find us complaining — after all, ’tis the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a season filled to the gills with friends, family, festivities and, naturally, good tidings of great joy. And while you could certainly have a very merry time no … Continue reading 8 Reasons to Stay on Folly Beach for the Holidays

OCT 26 2019

Halloween, Folly Style

While you could try to Trick or Treat on the Edge of America this All Hallows Eve, the real party (and most of the island’s residents) will be at the annual Folly Beach Halloween Carnival. Wear your costume, whether you’re a scary ghost, fairy princess, classic vampire, or any other goblin and come to Folly … Continue reading Halloween, Folly Style

OCT 25 2019

The History Altering Path of Hurricane Hugo

Around midnight on September 21, 1989, a category 4 storm named Hurricane Hugo struck the Lowcountry coastline near Charleston, raging ashore with lashing rain and sustained winds of 135 miles an hour.  The Charleston peninsula barely dodged a direct hit from the towering tidal surge, which reached a maximum height of 20 feet and ravaged … Continue reading The History Altering Path of Hurricane Hugo

OCT 25 2019

Most Destructive Hurricanes to Make Landfall Near Charleston

Each year from June-November during hurricane season, Charleston-area residents collectively cross our fingers, hoping that the next Hugo is not on the horizon. Thankfully, the Lowcountry and the state of South Carolina dodged the worst of hurricanes Dorian and Florence, but we haven’t always been so lucky. Included in the list below are five of … Continue reading Most Destructive Hurricanes to Make Landfall Near Charleston

OCT 16 2019

Spending Thanksgiving on Folly Beach

Naturally, any beach town is going to draw the most visitors during the summer when the weather is warmest and schools are out, but if you want to find a quieter time to experience all that Folly has to offer you should consider spending Thanksgiving here. There are many advantages to booking your Turkey Day … Continue reading Spending Thanksgiving on Folly Beach

OCT 07 2019

Charleston’s Most Iconic BBQ

South Carolinians love their barbecue, and Folly Beach is blessed to have access to some of the best in the Lowcountry. From melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork to enormous rib platters, you’ll find a huge variety of tempting smoked meats close by. Here is a list of local BBQ restaurants that will have you salivating and begging … Continue reading Charleston’s Most Iconic BBQ

SEP 30 2019

Folly Favorite: McKevlin’s Surf Shop

McKevlin’s Surf Shop Folly Beach is a popular destination for many local surfers, but it wasn’t always that way.  Years ago, the sport was considered to be strange and unpopular with the mainstream crowd.  Surfers were shunned, and they were considered bums who weren’t interested in working for a living. That frame of mind continued … Continue reading Folly Favorite: McKevlin’s Surf Shop

SEP 25 2019

What are “King Tides,” and What Do They Mean for Folly Beach?

If you’re out and about around Folly and the water along our coastline seems extremely high, it could be when king tides are in town. A natural phenomenon that occurs a few times a year, these tides can reach 7 ft. or higher — bringing with them the distinct possibility of coastal flooding. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading What are “King Tides,” and What Do They Mean for Folly Beach?

SEP 20 2019

Perfecting the Oyster Roast

When the weather turns cooler in the Lowcountry, something shifts. The beach gets quieter. Flip flops are reluctantly replaced with shoes and socks. And mouths start watering for local oysters. You can dine on oysters in restaurants, but your backyard might be the perfect oyster-eating destination. Oyster roasts are a cold-weather staple in the area. … Continue reading Perfecting the Oyster Roast

SEP 12 2019

Folly Favorite: Bert’s Market

One of the most popular places for residents and those in the know on Folly Beach is Bert’s Market, located just off of Center Street at 202 Ashley Avenue. Bert’s is a 24 hour grocery and convenience store that is known for its “We may doze, but we never close” motto. The store is considered … Continue reading Folly Favorite: Bert’s Market

SEP 02 2019

Hurricane Dorian: What it Means for Folly Beach

Hurricane Dorian looks like she might pose a real threat to a large portion of the southeastern United States. So what’s that mean for Folly Beach? The trajectory of this storm has changed a lot over the past week, so no one is sure where she will end up. However, storms change paths quickly and … Continue reading Hurricane Dorian: What it Means for Folly Beach

AUG 26 2019

Take the ‘labor’ out of Labor Day Weekend and relax on Folly

If Memorial Day marks the onset of the summer vacation crowds, then Labor Day Weekend signals the end of the peak season at Folly Beach.  While you’re here, make sure you spend some time at the Folly Beach Pier, which offers spectacular views of the beach and the ocean, fishing from the pier, and a … Continue reading Take the ‘labor’ out of Labor Day Weekend and relax on Folly