Folly Beach Surfing Rules and Regulations

folly-beach-surfing-rulesSurfing Rules and Regulations

Folly is one of the top East Coast surfing destinations. But remember to follow these basic rules to ensure the waves are safe for anyone on a board or in the water.

Surfing without a leash is prohibited. Loosing your board could be dangerous for both you and the people in the water around you.

Be aware of where you’re surfing. The area between Second Street East to Third Street West is known as the Swimming Zone. From May 15to September 15, surfing isn’t allowed in the Swimming Zone during the busiest beach times between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Surfing is never allowed within 200 feet of the Folly Pier. Dangerous currents and people fishing off the pier make it unsafe to be in the water close by.