Sep 29 2016

Folly Beach Could Be Getting a Major Makeover Soon

Good news, Folly Beach lovers! Our little slice of paradise is poised to get even better in the near future. I know what you’re thinking – how could Folly get any better? Well, I’ll tell you.

Today, Charleston County’s Finance Committee will be meeting to (fingers crossed) award $476,000 in transportation sales tax funding to Truluck Construction, Inc. The sizeable contribution would go directly toward a Center Street makeover aimed at improving traffic flow, with Folly Beach kicking in $90,000.

If all goes as planned, the paving and restriping project will be completed by mid-March of 2017 and could herald a noticeable reduction in congestion of Folly’s “business district.”

According to the Post and Courier, the end result will be three lanes as opposed to the current four-lane configuration of Center Street. This would include a dedicated 12-foot-wide center turning lane sandwiched between 12-foot-wide lanes in each direction – which would then be flanked by 8-foot-wide parking lanes on each side.

“It gives people who want to turn a way to get out of traffic and keep the traffic flowing,” Mayor Tim Goodwin explained. “That’s what really backs us up more than anything.”

And that’s not the only change coming to Folly. There are big things in the works for our beloved beach town.

This fall, various beautification endeavors will take place, such as adding brick pavers and flower planters to Center Street. The entire Center Street renovation complements the $32 million project to replace the bridges to the island which – bonus! – will receive pedestrian lights.

Other big news for Folly, of course, is the proposed ban on single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam. In August, the Folly Beach City Council unanimously voted in favor of the ban. A second vote must occur before the ordinance becomes law, but it would establish Folly Beach as a steward of sustainability.

Check back here for updates on the status of the Center Street endowment and beautification progress.  



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