Feb 22 2010

Folly Beach Fishing Report 02/22/10

It may seem hard to believe that shortly after a historic snowfall that fishing would be excellent but that’s what has happened. Days full of sunshine combined with temperatures reaching into the 60s made everyone excited – even the fish! Kevin Tierney of Charleston, SC  took advantage of the conditions and landed this 13 pound redfish on his charter yesterday afternoon.

Redfish remain clumped together in large schools as they seek protection from dolphins. While still sluggish during the Winter time, consecutive warm days raise the water temperature and make redfish more active. The water is very clear and sight fishing opportunities abound.  Be patient when approaching fish and cast carefully.

Redfish will currently eat artificial lures, live bait as well as flies, giving fishermen a host of options. When deciding what to fish with, make sure to consider what type of splash the lure will make when it hits the water and what kind of sounds it will make while in it. These fish are very spooky and anything out of the ordinary will send them running. The less weight you use on your lure or fly the better.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett

Bob Hart Author

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