Dec 16 2013

Folly Beach Christmas Parade Beats the Rain

Saturday’s unseasonably warm weather made it a perfect day for the Folly Beach Christmas Parade.  But the warm air brought dark clouds and wind that began rolling into Folly Beach at the beginning of the parade. The streets were lined with adults, kids, and lots and lots of dogs. Dozens of vendors were set up at Folly River Park selling scarves, jewelry, art, and more.  Restaurants along the Center Street parade route set up outdoor bars.

With no registration required for parade participants, all the participants lined up down Folly Road.  The crowd cheered as a makeshift golf cart Clemson float passed by.  A  sea turtle mascot followed represented by the Sea Turtle Nest Protection Volunteers who drove an old Ford truck. A miniature horse no bigger than a dog was decked out in antlers and Christmas attire as it walked down Center Street.  Local non-profit, Pet Helpers participated in the parade with some of their furry friends up for adoption.  A van with a groovy Folly Beach Mural passed by and so did a friendly gang of bikers.  Parade participants in a boat threw candy to the crowds along the parade route.

One float that caught our attention was filled with Disney characters.  The Gingerbread Man from Shrek, a person in full Puss in Boots costume, and a few other Disney characters that we couldn’t quite recognize entertained us as they danced in place.  A few local marching bands played a couple of Christmas tunes as they passed by the Folly Beach crowd.  The “Folly Funky Monkeys” dance group dressed as monkeys and danced their way down the parade route.  Trumpet and tuba players stopped in the middle of the street as 4 guys with a huge tarp walked behind them.  As the guys ran forward with the tarp and it formed a wave, two skateboarders road the tarp through the street.  You’ve got to see it to believe it so check out this video.

Candy, dog treats, and t-shirts were thrown from the parade route into the crowd.  Some kids ran away and some kids ran up to the Grinch as he passed out candy.  A few local businesses drove through the route in an old Chevy truck and a van converted to look like a bee.  No Christmas parade is complete without Santa.  Instead making a traditional appearance by riding on a sleigh with reindeer, Santa showed up in style at the top of a fire truck.  He stopped every few feet as he and the firefighters threw candy into the crowd.

Just as Santa was out of sight, it began to rain.  The Folly Beach Christmas Parade was great and we’re glad everyone stayed dry.

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