Help Keep Folly Beaches Clean

Help Keep Folly Beaches Clean

Here are ways you can help:

  • Take your trash with you when you leave the beach. If others who were near you have left trash behind, take theirs, too.

  • Don’t leave food unattended orin flimsy Styrofoam coolers. The seagulls will close in if you’re not around andscatter food and wrappers all over the beach. Put something with weight on top of thecooler and/or keep food in a beach or lunch bag.

  • If you walk on the beach often,take a trash bag with you and pick up what you find in your path.

  • If you walk your dog on the beach,take along a baggie – there is a large fine for not cleaning up after your pets.

  • It is illegal to have glass or canson Folly beaches. If you see someone breaking the law, maybe they don’t know the law. You could fill them in.

An Insult!!!

In a recent Post & Courier news article, Folly was referred to as the “trashiest beach” in the area. It was on the front page of the Local News section. I have a couple of ideas that might help fix this problem:

Other nearby islands place trash containers ON THE BEACH, as well as on the streets. I think following their lead would be a good idea – at least during our busyseason.

Local businesses could initiate an “Adopt-a-Beach” program andpatrol a certain area of our beach two or three times a week. If every business pitched in, it would only involve a couple of blocks for each.