Jan 25 2016

Charleston Charter Fishing

It’s said time and time again that even for the people out there who have traveled the world there’s just something about Folly Beach. Capt. Geoff Bennett is no exception.

Bennett’s fished in the waters off of New Zealand and Belize, but he always found himself coming back to Folly Beach because even he will admit that nothing can compare to the area. That is why he is the owner/operator of Charleston Charter Fishing, a charter company that offers fishing trips off of the coast of Folly Beach and Kiawah Island for everyone from beginners to the experienced to families and corporate travelers

He got his experience in his early years fishing with his father and has been casting lines into the water ever since. He said that although he has fished his entire life, it was those early times with his dad that made him realize that not only did he have a passion for fishing, but he also loved how it could bring families together.

Bennett said that getting out on the water is the best way to learn how to fish and so he encourages anyone, regardless of their skill level, to book a trip with him. From there, clients will learn the basics of knot tying, casting, and tackle selection. He said he also likes knowing that what families learn on a trip with him could be the start of a new family tradition , much like he had with his own father.

“I realized that I got a thrill out of my clients catching fish as much, if not more, than when I was fishing on my own,” Bennett said. “It is rewarding when you have clients who have not fished much before if at all and they start catching fish. Not much beats the comment, ‘that’s the biggest fish I ever caught.'”

When going out on a fishing charter with Capt. Bennett, customers will board a 16-foot Hewes Bayfisher. This type of boat allows for fishing in the shallowest of creeks where the majority of other boats are unable to get to – which means Bennett can offer customers some competition-free fishing areas so they are almost guaranteed to go home with some catch.

Bennett said there are many spots in the area that he likes to take customers to because there isn’t much competition and there is a high-chance for some productive catches to be had, some of which can be quite impressive.

“What I love about fishing is the unknown promise and unlimited potential of every charter,” he said. “You never know what you’ll find out there. Unlike the certainty of other spots, there are no tee times to reserve or specific start times. When you do have that charter when you knock them dead, it is the sweetest feeling in the world.”

In addition to fishing in the best areas with the best tackle around, customers also get the unique experience of viewing the abundant marine and wildlife that call the South Carolinian waters and marshland home. It is not uncommon to go out and see dolphins, alligators, ospreys, sea turtles, herons, the occasional bald eagle, and more.

Bob Hart Author

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