APR 05 2013

April Fishing Report

It is a few weeks late but Spring is finally coming! Temperatures returning to the 70s have reminded the trout to wake up while the redfish have become more active. Anglers have been eager with anticipation to return to the water and now have their chance. While somewhat finicky from the colder weather, redfish have … Continue reading April Fishing Report

FEB 27 2013

March Fishing Report

Our weather this winter has been all over the charts. The steady 60 degree days in January gave way to chilly temperatures in February where we would launch some mornings in the 30s. Spring is fast approaching and the warmer weather should jump start a great fishing season.    Having spent the last few months … Continue reading March Fishing Report

OCT 31 2012

November Fishing Report

In spite of windy conditions, fishing in October was quite good and anglers can expect fishing to improve in November. Chilly mornings and falling water temperatures remind redfish and trout that it is time to eat right now before Winter arrives. With little live bait left in the water, artificial lures will really produce. Take … Continue reading November Fishing Report

SEP 30 2012

October Fishing Report

Fall has arrived and with it comes the time honored traditions of football and hunting. But don’t put your boat away just yet because we’re about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen can continue to find success with live bait but artificial lures should become increasingly effective. Make time to get out … Continue reading October Fishing Report

SEP 05 2012

September Fishing Report

It was one of the cooler Augusts in memory with high temperatures in the 80s during many days. This was great for fishing as the heat did not put down the fish per usual and even afternoon fishing could be productive. Anglers can expect the fishing to improve as the water temperature trends further downward … Continue reading September Fishing Report

AUG 03 2012

August Fishing Report

Fishing continues to be strong this summer and anglers can expect more of the same in August. It will be important to get out early to beat the heat. Not only will it be more comfortable to be fishing in the morning but also the high temperatures in the afternoon can put the fish down. … Continue reading August Fishing Report

JUN 05 2012

June Fishing Report

What an exciting time to be fishing! With our waters now loaded with bait, the fish have strapped the feedbags on and are eating aggressively. All the summer seasonal species have arrived and when combined with our regular gamefish, provide a whole host of options for an angler. If your fishing season hasn’t yet begun, … Continue reading June Fishing Report

MAY 02 2012

May Fishing Report

Our fishery is really cooking now! The arrival of seasonal species like ladyfish, bluefish and shark now compliment our redfish and trout. Look around you on the water and you’ll also find plenty of baitfish including mullet and menhaden. You have more reasons now than ever to get fishing! Recently, we’ve been making the most … Continue reading May Fishing Report

DEC 30 2011

Take to the Water with Affinity Charters

It’s rare to meet someone who grew up on the coast that hasn’t built his or her life around the water, and Capt. John Ward Jr. is no exception. Ward moved down to the Folly Beach area from Louisville, KY when he was just a little kid. He spent his free time out on the … Continue reading Take to the Water with Affinity Charters

NOV 29 2011

December Fishing Report

While traditionally this season conjures up thoughts of the holidays, don’t write off fishing until the Spring. One of our fisheries’ greatest phenomenon is taking place as the temperature drops. Redfish are building into huge schools sometimes numbering in the hundreds. Casting into a pod of redfish so big it looks like a dark cloud … Continue reading December Fishing Report

NOV 01 2011

November Fishing Report

Fishing in October was superb and anglers can expect November to be just as good if not better.  Cold nights serve as a reminder to fish that they had better eat now or it will be a long few months ahead. As usual, artificial lures become very effective for both redfish and trout. Take advantage … Continue reading November Fishing Report

OCT 03 2011

October Fishing Report

Cool days and lower water temperatures are setting our fishery on fire! Redfish and trout know they need to eat heartily now or go hungry over the winter. Fortunately, our waters are teeming with shrimp and mullet encouraging these fish to strap the feedbags on. If you have put fishing on hold for the rest … Continue reading October Fishing Report

AUG 31 2011

September Fishing Report

Fall is finally here! The fine fishing that accompanies this change in season has already begun. No more need to be on the water at first light to scratch out a few hours of fishing before the hot temperatures turned the bite off. Anglers can expect all species of fish to feed more aggressively. And, … Continue reading September Fishing Report

JUL 27 2011

August Fishing Report

No doubt it has been a hot summer, but it hasn’t slowed down the fishing. Anglers leaving first thing in morning have been rewarded with hungry redfish and trout.  All tactics whether it be artificials, live bait or flies have been working well. Add all the seasonal species present to the mix and you have … Continue reading August Fishing Report

JUN 01 2011

June Fishing Report

May fished quite well and was a notable improvement over the last two months. The steady influx of bait and warmer water temperatures imply that June will be even better. Redfish remained active and pleasantly the trout bite that many feared gone for this year strongly reemerged towards the end of the month. Spanish Mackerel … Continue reading June Fishing Report