Nov 03 2014

Battle of the Bags

On November 8th, the Turtle Watch Program is hosting a fundraiser for the inaugural Folly Beach Battle of the Bags cornhole tournament.  Two person teams will compete in a double elimination battle to win cash prizes of $750 for first prize and $250 for second.  Sign in will begin at noon at the Folly Beach County Park.  The first toss will begin at 1pm and conclude with winners announced by 5pm.

Cornhole is a game signified by individuals tossing bags of corn toward a tilted board with a hole in the far side.  Scoring goes as follows:  in the hole = 3 points; on the board = 1 point.  Teams play until one hits 21 points and is declared the winner.  Each player tosses four bags toward the opposite board placed 33 feet from the first with 27 feet between the two ends.  

The Turtle Watch Program will use proceeds from the event to further research and efforts to protect sea turtles in the area, as well as fund rehabilitation of injured turtles at the South Carolina Aquarium.  Food trucks will be on site, and patrons may bring wine and beer.  BYOB items must be contained in the Pelican Watch Shelter only.  Please refrain from bringing any glass into the park!  

The program originated in 1998 as a volunteer group whose focus was turtle preservation.  From May to October, they can be found scouring the beaches for turtles laying eggs, documenting their location and doing everything they can to keep the hatchlings safe as they march toward the ocean.  Upon finding injured or dying turtles, the group sends the animals and information to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources or to the care of the SC Aquarium for rehabilitation.  Their work starts early in the morning and ends late in the day, and much of it is done by people working full-time jobs who are 100% committed to the care of Folly’s turtle program.

Registration for the event may be made here:

The rate is $50 per two person team.  BoardSpaces will direct the event and make sure all formal rules are followed.  Dunes Properties is the main sponsor and will be available to hand out prizes.  



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