Jul 27 2011

August Fishing Report

No doubt it has been a hot summer, but it hasn’t slowed down the fishing. Anglers leaving first thing in morning have been rewarded with hungry redfish and trout.  All tactics whether it be artificials, live bait or flies have been working well. Add all the seasonal species present to the mix and you have some great fishing.

We’ve been targeting redfish with artificial lures especially around low tide. The longer jerk shad lures that worked so well in the Spring are still productive. However, we have had better luck throwing smaller darker artificials like Zman’s Streakz curly tail grub in black/gold flake. With both, we have been using flutter hooks to put more action on the lure.

As for trout, nothing new here. Popping corks remain the way to go. Surprisingly, we’ve had better luck with mud minnows under corks than with shrimp. It usually has been the other way around. If little fish keep stealing your live shrimp, switch over to a D.O.A. 3” artificial shrimp. Their Glow/Gold Rush Belly color has been quite effective.

Coinciding with early morning fishing, Spanish Mackerel have been showing up in numbers in the harbor as well as inlets. Gotcha plugs and Deadly Dick lures are traditional favorites. Anglers have reported that these fish have been finicky recently.  Keep changing lures until you find something that works.

Shrimp have started to really show up and their presence has made for some great fly fishing. On the flats at low tide, you can see redfish with their backs out of water charging down the banks chasing shrimp. Throwing gurglers or other surface patterns can provide some explosive strikes. It can be so hard to do but when that fish slams your fly set the hook with a strip set instead of lifting your rod tip.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 

Bob Hart Author

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