Apr 01 2012

April Fishing Report

Wonderful sunny weather has continued day after day making for awesome fishing conditions. With all this warm weather, it’s no surprise that our fishery is 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule. The water is teeming with bait and even a few sharks are already cruising around. Expect April to be a fantastic month of fishing.

While redfish remain in large schools, they have begun to break up as the water warms. These fish have left survival mode and become predators again. Over the last few weeks, redfish have been finicky with artificial baits. On some days, paddle tail grubs as well as jerk shad of any color failed to elicit a bite.

When redfish are picky, a great solution is to throw chunks of freshly cracked blue crab. This is simply redfish candy and bait that is rarely refused. Just yesterday, redfish were hitting the crab before it even touched the bottom and in some cases even as we were retrieving the bait. I use size 3/0 circle hooks and put the hook through the bottom flipper hole once I have ripped off the legs. Put the rod in the rod holder and don’t pick it up until the reel is screaming!

The trout bite should really begin in earnest this April. With water temperatures so warm, it’s hard to believe they won’t become aggressive feeders before too long. The preferred rig of live bait under a popping cork is hard to beat. Live shrimp is now available and will give you another option than mud minnows. It’s a good idea to start carrying your cast net and see if you can find some finger mullet. Finger mullet under a cork is just deadly.

With redfish being choosy about artificial plastic lures, they have acted the same towards flies. However, this hasn’t stopped us from having some great days. Focus on fishing around low tide when the fish are out of the grass and easier to target. If you do fish on higher tides, make sure your flies have a good weed guard like a piece of heavy monofilament line. The copperhead fly in rootbeer color has been producing well for us recently.

See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing fly fishing and light tackle charters. 



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