Dec 21 2015

The 7th Annual Holiday Pub Crawl

Nothing says Christmas like walking around downtown Charleston with a belly full of booze. If you agree with that sentiment, then check out the 7th annual Holiday Pub Crawl.

This epic beer bash combines the best of barley and hops with the joy of holiday decorations adorning colonial homes. It’s like an old timey trek through pre-war Charleston with the added benefit of a mapped out bar crawl.

Here’s what you can expect:

Show up with your family and friends or come alone if you’d rather stroll with strangers and take part in a 2.5 hour walking history tour of historic downtown Charleston. The crawl meets on Market Street and takes patrons to 3-5 locations and includes delicious appetizers along the way. What’s great is that even if you aren’t a huge fan of beer, you can still purchase wine or your favorite spirits while visiting the various bars.

Tickets are around $25-$29 per person and a portion of the proceeds of each tour will go to a local charity.

And, depending on how much you imbibe, you will hear all about the area’s ghosts, pirates, bootleggers, presidents, and revolutionaries. Plus, you’ll get to visit locations where all of the aforementioned individuals likely visited in their day (and may still lurk in the form of a ghost). You’ll also get to visit old speakeasies, historic taverns, and rooftop bars.

Plus, your ticket price ensures that you’ll get the opportunity to nosh on local tasty treats to sob up some of that booze.

You do have to pay for your own alcohol, but the stories and food are provided free of charge. Plus, the tours are kept small, so you won’t feel like you’re being herded like cattle through the city streets.

For more information about the pub crawl, call 843-577-5535 or visit From there, find out where to meet up and what you’ll need to bring so you can take part in the adventure.

But where do I park?

Word to the wise: As someone who has gone drinking in the city of Charleston, try to remember where you parked, make sure you paid for parking, and do not drive while intoxicated. Also, bring your camera, as this city is so beautiful and historic there will be tons of things you need to capture on film.

Should I stay in town?

If you think you’ll want to stay in the area, check out some of the lodging options in the city. With price points to fit every budget, you can stay in a classy high-end hotel, bed and breakfast, mid-range hotel, or something in between. Plus, you can always get up in the morning and take in a classic southern breakfast full of grits and bacon or a chicken biscuit.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Remember this holiday season to have a great time and let us know what you liked the most about the pub crawl. If you have any stories to share, feel free to do so in the comments section. Also, if you know of any other pub crawls in the area, let us know!



Bob Hart Author

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